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Are you excellent at your work but find it challenging to explain your services in writing on your website or in a press release? Maybe you just prefer to delegate this task to a professional in order to focus on your own areas of expertise.

Let me take this over for you! I can help you reflect on the benefits of what you provide and on your clients’ needs and apprehensions. With these insights about offer and demand, I can phrase an authentic and impactful message to engage your audience.

My educational background is in teaching English as a second language with a special focus on linguistics, translation and sociology. Industries that I have worked for include  higher education, local government, HR education, tourism, wellness, service providers, specialty shops, hospitality and non-profit organisations (charities).


Quality proofreading and editing are essential before approaching prospective clients or employers online.


No time or interest in writing your website or business blog content? Go for clear, focused and personable communication.


Translation services from French or Dutch to English for companies, educational institutions, charities and jobseekers.


Job search coaching from goal setting to strategy, CV and cover letter makeover, as well as vacancy and employer search.

Featured Blog Posts

I feature movers and shakers from the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the non-profit world on my blog. I know how demanding and intellectually rewarding it is to be an entrepreneur or a key community volunteer. I want to pay my respect to my peers from various countries.

Why Choose Me?

I combine language skills with a deep understanding of what motivates people to purchase products and services or join a team as volunteers or employees. I am a connector of people and ideas: I genuinely enjoy making offer and demand meet for a win-win situation. I am not only a communicator but also a strategic advisor.

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Expect a fast and clear estimate and no surprises when my invoice comes.

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Problem Solving
Let me assist you in coming up with solutions when you need advice.


My Clients

Here are some of the organisations, institutions and companies I provided services to.

Project Management

Community Programmes

I am a grassroot community leader specialised in  programmes stimulating the participation of internationals  in their new countries of residence from expats and their partners to university students. Experienced in mentoring and empowering  people, including community leaders.

All the projects involved activating people from very diverse cultural and social backgrounds, whatever their age and sexual orientation.

Volunteer Recruitment

I have extensive experience in recruiting volunteers for NGOs and local government programmes. I used social media, gave presentations at events and ran a stand at community fairs.

In the UK, I am a trustee for charity Healed Scars which helps women rebuild their lives after trauma or domestic abuse. I also created a free downloadable list of UK-based charities serving women or girls locally, nationally or internationally.


Lucie Herraiz Cunningham

I value diversity having grown up in a bi-cultural (French and Spanish ) family and attended schools with pupils from very diverse cultural backgrounds. I have lived in various countries (France, England, the USA on both coasts, the Netherlands and Scotland.) I studied several languages at school and university: English for 11 years, Spanish for 9 years and Latin for 5 years. For each I took extensive grammar and translation classes. I took multiple courses in Dutch as a second language which led me to pass a national exam, the NT2II which is required for university entrance. I combined language studies with socio-economics and sociology studies in high school and university.

I used all these skills in my work, with a focus on communications, creating collaborative environments and running projects related to education and internationals' participation in their new country of residence.

On top of being a freelance communications specialist, I am a discerning consumer who loves to be won over by excellent products, services and customer service. For the non-profit project City's Finest, I have written many reviews about shops and restaurants.

I was a vibrant grassroots community leader and board member for various cultural and community organisations in the Netherlands and a volunteer for the Latin American Center in Atlanta, GA in the USA. It has been my pleasure of volunteering for organisations addressing issues such as diversity, emancipation, civic participation, the green movement and culture. I care about my clients and their success.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more details on my career, more testimonials and achievements.


"I'm so glad Lucie helped me with the English translation of my new website ( which was originally in Dutch! Quick, accurate, passionate, caring, personal, friendly, professional, all qualities I regard as essential personally too. So I deeply recommend working with Lucie."

Sam Pitzalis
Retreat Sardinia- Tour operator

"Lucie efficiently revised my CV: she gave it a professional look and made my academic as well as my personal assets stand out. Moreover, she is a wonderful coach in my job application procedures. She connected me to someone from a company that I could imagine myself working for and this person forwarded my CV internally to the right department. Lucie advised me on how to write an effective motivation letter. She still helps me to keep an eye on achieving my (personal) goals. If you are looking for someone who is good at organizing, can listen well and is supportive, I am certain you will find a reliable partner in Lucie."

R.S. - PhD student in Photonics
UPC University Barcelona

"I have hired Lucie for editing and writing assignments in English ranging from course transcriptions to website content for the last few years. Her writing style is precise and engaging. Our highly educated audience mostly consists of non-native speakers of English who are learning complex new concepts in global mobility for HR, relocation and Comp & Ben specialists. They value accuracy and clarity. She has translated reports and promotional texts for our organisation from Dutch to English as well. I appreciate how she also provides marketing advice when suitable and raises questions from a client's perspective before we finalise messages to our current and prospective clients at Expatise Academy"

Inge Nitsche, CEO
Expatise Academy

Lucie is a powerhouse! I met Lucie several years ago when I volunteered for The World in Your Classroom in The Hague, which Lucie coordinated. As volunteers Lucie made us feel welcome, understood and so valued for the experiences we shared with Dutch students. Because of Lucie's program management, we got as much out of the experience as the students. Working with Lucie was always a delight - she's brilliant, creative, organized, and perfectly direct. I see why she seems able to accomplish so much in the same # of hours the rest of us get. Plus, her warm spirit and generosity shine through in every interaction. 

Working in Delft as a social and cultural project developer I met Lucie who wanted to set up an organisation for expat mothers, so they could find their ways and places in the Dutch society.
And  that is how non-profit Delft Mama was born! Lucie is a committed, whole hearted person who is genuinely kind, caring and full of respect. With her social and communicative skills and perseverance she is able to create programmes, connect people. She explores and expresses ideas, feelings and concepts.

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