Who is Dave Rindl?

I met Dave Rindl multiple times at a professional network. He stood out among participants for his capacity to bring conversations to a deeper level.

Dave Rindl has over 35 years of experience in human development of which a considerable part of that time has been spent managing, coaching and training groups and individuals in producing breakthrough results.

He aims to provide a powerful balance between; firstly, the unreasonable demands that are required to step beyond previously inhibiting limits and produce results previously considered at least unlikely, and even impossible and, secondly, the dignity and compassion that are a necessity for someone to experience the safety to explore and grow.

Having worked as a chef, including running his own catering business, also in sales and for some years in the finance and banking industry, his considerable experience in various fields allows him a deep appreciation of the mechanisms at work within such organisations. He also considers himself adept at providing the optimum environment for every culture, from the most relaxed to the most formal.

What services do you offer, to whom and in which geographical area?

I offer coaching and consulting to individuals, organisations, teams, groups and communities. In terms of types of industry, clients of mine have included both private and public sector organisations, ranging from the construction and financial fields to the NHS, educational establishments and the charitable sector. Within these organisations, those I have coached and trained have been at all levels including CEOs, administrators, childcare workers and inmates coming to the end of their term in prison.

My clients have previously predominantly been in the UK, but I am just starting with a client in Malaysia, and am in conversation with another potential client in Serbia.

What was the inspiration behind your company?

I suppose there are various strands to that answer, tied up in what happened.

Having participated in some transformational self-development work in my early 20’s, I had developed an interest in the whole area of human effectiveness and coaching. A few years later I then had an opportunity to work for the company that put on that programme and ran their customer service department for the UK for 2½ years, training and coaching around 50 people in the work of the department.

Following that, whilst working in the financial sector, I did a part time Post Grad Diploma in Personal and Organisational Development, which opened my eyes to a whole world of other methodologies and approaches. When my final contract in the financial sector came to an end, my wife encouraged me to take a couple of years and see if I could make it work as an independent – short story: 20+ years later, I am still seeing if I can make it work.

Those two paragraphs describe what happened for me to come to where I am today. What is not said in those paragraphs is what inspired me then and continues to inspire me today. I love the difference I get to make with people, and am privileged to be able to do that. Also, coaching is an opportunity to contribute in a big way, in multiple areas, enabling people to make the impact that matters most to them.


If you had to name the values which guide you as a person, which would they be?

I’m not sure if these are values, or something else…. Integrity, Love, Community.


What is typical of your birth city that you embrace?

I was born in London, UK and have always lived here, apart from a short time away at college. One of the things I love about my home city is the diversity. Also my parents were Swiss and South African, so probably another influence. I am not sure I consciously use anything from any of those countries in my work. However, my work is about connecting, about people, about having things work for all. Regarding this, everywhere on the planet, I love how a lot of human beings tend to step up and be great with each other and try to have things work (in spite of how it can look sometimes). So, not a conscious adoption of those qualities as coming from my home city, but there is a connection if we look for it.


Have you done any volunteer work? How did this experience prepare you for/complement your current job?

I have been involved in the work of The Hunger Project (www.thp.org) for over 35 years. This is an organisation committed to the sustainable end of hunger on our planet. The methodology that they have developed, to empower women, men and whole communities to end their own hunger is quite remarkable. The approach to enabling people to recognise the limits of their default ways of thinking, and to experience themselves, and act, outside of those default ways, is very in line with how I work.


When was the last time that you were touched by a client’s reaction?

Just this week!!!!

In a conversation with one client, I was asking them a question, and pointing to something. Their response was to say how they could work with me for 10 years and continue to discover things and grow.

Then, another client messaged to tell me that he had just led a webinar to a group of investors. He had applied what he had discovered in this week’s coaching session and wanted to let me know the feedback he had received. He then attached a message from the organiser of the webinar thanking my client for the presentation, for how it connected with them all and for the potentially life changing opportunity it provides. The measurable results from the webinar were a quantum leap for my client.


Any exciting news about your business?

At some point in 2022 I will be launching a three-month programme, based around one of my straplines of ‘coaching champions, champions for an extraordinary universe for all’. This will have participants explore what it takes to be a champion; both a champion for something (as in a cause) and a champion of something (as in a sports champion).

The premise is that in the exploration of this, whilst each participant is engaged in a project, championing something of their choice (this can be in their family, their business product or service, or community based or even globally) they will be discovering and growing, such that their own effectiveness as a champion is elevated.

Who would you like to connect with to grow your business?

As well as the potential clients mentioned in the question above, there are a wide variety of people who would be useful to meet. I would welcome invitations from bloggers, podcasters or anyone else for whom what I do is of interest to inspire others. Equally there are people who participate in a community of some sort where they feel what I have to offer will be of interest to their colleagues. Also, there are businesses where what I provide can benefit their clients. I have worked with people in organisations who have had grievances taken against them and they have been able to resolve matters through my coaching which has probably been of benefit to the organisation both financially and emotionally. Regarding situations such as these, partnering with HR consultants or legal firms who find themselves involved in such matters may provide a new approach for them and be mutually beneficial.


How can people reach you?

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, call me or send me an email on dave@rindl.co.uk


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This interview was conducted by Lucie Cunningham from Tell Them Well Communications in March 2022. Lucie is a freelance CV writer and web copywriter in Glasgow with over 10 years of community project management. She created and maintains a list of  UK charities serving women and or girls. She has lived in France, England, The USA, the Netherlands and is currently based in Scotland.