Non-Profit Advisor

I have worked for NGOs and council community programmes that stimulate the well-being and participation of internationals: from expats and their partners to immigrant women and international university students.

Community Programmes

Based on my experience coordinating community programmes for international families, expats and/or their partners and university students, I am available for project management assignments. I have worked for programmes designed by charities and city councils.

I set up a foundation in Delft called Delft MaMa where I developed concepts such as bilingual information fairs for expecting couples and parents of young children and a multicultural baby festival.

I sat on the board of a professional network, a non-profit which organised events such as an information fair for elementary schools and day cares, a non-profit which ran a yearly International Women’s Day festival. I volunteered for various cultural organisations, including 2 theatres in Delft and a platform for women organisations. I volunteered for the Centro Latino Americano in Atlanta, GA when I lived in the United States.

I mentored several people who set up remarkable community initiatives, the way I was mentored by a city council programme for non-Dutch women with a university degree to sit on the boards of charities, cultural associations and political parties.

I am open to assignments related to:

– developing a strategic plan

– conceiving a communication plan

– creating website content

– social media campaigns

Volunteer Recruitment

I  am a connector and an activist. Volunteering has been a significant part of my life for the last 20 years. It has helped me feel at home every time that I have moved, develop new skills and explore some career options. I believe in kindness and supporting one another. I have been good at noticing missing community services, setting them up and expanding the scope and reach of new programmes.

I have not only volunteered myself, I have also recruited many volunteers from all walks of life, age, cultural or religious backgrounds and sexual orientation for various organisations. I genuinely like people and enjoy finding the right volunteer role for them.


Why Choose Me

I have over 15 years of community work experience both in leading and volunteering levels. I was mentored and mentored others in setting up initiatives, connecting to local media, researching funding opportunities, stimulating partnerships between organisations. I believe in the value of platforms and professional networks. Non-profit leaders support a lot of people but they also need support and continuing education.

Reliable Pricing

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Proven Experience

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Problem Solving

Let me assist you in coming up with solutions when you need advice.


Case Study: Delft MaMa

When I moved to Delft, the Netherlands I became a first time mother within a year. The Dutch peri and post natal care systems are very different from the rest of the world. I created what officially became Foundation Delft MaMa (Maternity and Motherhood Assistance) in 2007 when my son turned 2. I noticed that many other international mothers or pregnant women were isolated and lacking information. 

Over the years, we not only built a diverse, supportive and vibrant online and in person community but also bilingual  information fairs, a multicultural baby festival, workshops and family-friendly events. It is still growing strong 12 years later thanks to dedicated board members and volunteers.

Delft MaMa has also been beneficial to many Dutch mothers, health care and service providers as well as stores whose clients are families in the Delft region.


"I'm so glad Lucie helped me with the English translation of my new website ( which was originally in Dutch! Quick, accurate, passionate, caring, personal, friendly, professional, all qualities I regard as essential personally too. So I deeply recommend working with Lucie."

Sam Pitzalis
Retreat Sardinia- Tour operator

"Lucie efficiently revised my CV: she gave it a professional look and made my academic as well as my personal assets stand out. Moreover, she is a wonderful coach in my job application procedures. She connected me to someone from a company that I could imagine myself working for and this person forwarded my CV internally to the right department. Lucie advised me on how to write an effective motivation letter. She still helps me to keep an eye on achieving my (personal) goals. If you are looking for someone who is good at organizing, can listen well and is supportive, I am certain you will find a reliable partner in Lucie."

R.S. - PhD student in Photonics
UPC University Barcelona

"I have hired Lucie for editing and writing assignments in English ranging from course transcriptions to website content for the last few years. Her writing style is precise and engaging. Our highly educated audience mostly consists of non-native speakers of English who are learning complex new concepts in global mobility for HR, relocation and Comp & Ben specialists. They value accuracy and clarity. She has translated reports and promotional texts for our organisation from Dutch to English as well. I appreciate how she also provides marketing advice when suitable and raises questions from a client's perspective before we finalise messages to our current and prospective clients at Expatise Academy"

Inge Nitsche, CEO
Expatise Academy

Lucie is a powerhouse! I met Lucie several years ago when I volunteered for The World in Your Classroom in The Hague, which Lucie coordinated. As volunteers Lucie made us feel welcome, understood and so valued for the experiences we shared with Dutch students. Because of Lucie's program management, we got as much out of the experience as the students. Working with Lucie was always a delight - she's brilliant, creative, organized, and perfectly direct. I see why she seems able to accomplish so much in the same # of hours the rest of us get. Plus, her warm spirit and generosity shine through in every interaction. 

Working in Delft as a social and cultural project developer I met Lucie who wanted to set up an organisation for expat mothers, so they could find their ways and places in the Dutch society.
And  that is how non-profit Delft Mama was born! Lucie is a committed, whole hearted person who is genuinely kind, caring and full of respect. With her social and communicative skills and perseverance she is able to create programmes, connect people. She explores and expresses ideas, feelings and concepts.

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