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Who is Shradha?

Once Shradha is on stage or these days on screen, her audience is riveted. All you notice are the silent faces all focusing on her powerful words. She takes you on an emotional ride, she inspires you and imparts her wisdom beyond her personal story. Good relationships make you feel like you can conquer the world, toxic ones are very destructive. Shradha knows all about that: her mission is to help you slow down and think, relate to each other deeply before committing.

Shradha WTB (Witness The Breakthrough) is an accomplished relationship coach who successfully strengthens relationships within the corporate and personal world using her self-designed F.A.I.T.H. System. She is an international public speaker who has been trained, mentored and certified by Les Brown, one of the most well-known and influential motivational speakers in the world.

She is the author of Amazon best-selling book Witness The Breakthrough. As founder of `Wedding Shakti’, she uses her relationship strengthening skills to help anxiety-filled couples navigate the stressful journey of the path to marriage. Shradha energises couples to meet the challenges faced when planning a wedding while guiding them through the process of truly becoming aware of one another, expressing oneself truthfully, and solidifying a bond by sharing the ‘Secrets of Togetherness’ that will weather the storms we know to be life itself.

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What services do you offer and to whom?

I offer a range of services to couples all over the world. The F.A.I.T.H System wedding coaching sessions for engaged and newly-wed couples also individuals struggling in a relationship or finding it difficult to come out of a past relationship, Togetherness Challenge for Brides & Grooms, The Secrets of Togetherness workshop for couples.

Corporations hire me to give ‘The Future of Relationships and Collaboration in the Virtual World’ keynote or ‘Witness The Breakthrough: By believing in yourself’ keynote, whose foreword was written by Les Brown as well as run ‘Witness The Breakthrough Masterminds’.

The F.A.I.T.H System Life Coaching Certification Course is meant for those individuals looking to become a world class coach and existing coaches who are genuinely committed to scale their business.

F.A.I.T.H In Adversity workshops is for audiences around the world who want to learn how to accept and adapt to the “New Normal”.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

With 1 out of every 3 marriages ending in divorce it is more important than ever  or
couples to be prepared. Not only the “big day” but for their lives together in the years to follow. Some marry because they’re pressured by their family. Others do it for sex or because it’s expected after graduation. Some say yes out of sheer boredom to get the thrill of saying ‘I do’. Inevitably the fantasy gives way and real life kicks in. That “knight in shining armour” soon descends into a rusted relic.

26 years ago, I said ‘Yes’ to the first proposal that came my way. Assaulted by my husband on my wedding night, I was propelled into a journey of repeated assaults and domestic violence that landed me in the E.R. I was barely able to walk. What began as hope in my heart for a lifetime of togetherness turned into a nightmare that stretched out for over two decades. If only I’d taken time to learn about him and myself earlier, I wouldn’t have had to live like a dead soul in a moving body for so long. On 20 May 2015 came the final straw. Threatened to be beaten by my mother in-law, I could take no more. What took me so long? What gave me the courage to leave? Finally? In short. It was my faith.

Faith has been my driving force all along. I relied on it to help my husband and my family. But I’d never had the courage to use it on myself. So, on that day in 2015 I took a leap of faith: I walked out the door and decided to not only help myself – but to help others too. Soon after, I developed The F.A.I.T.H System: F- Focus A- Accountability I- Invest T- Thoughts H- Hunger. I now use this system to coach couples and individuals, teaching them how to share the secrets of togetherness. Today, nearly 5 years on, I use my FAITH based coaching model to help top CEO’s, MD’s and everyday couples to overcome some of the biggest hurdles in both their personal and business lives.

We seek the counsel of consultants, attorneys and experts in various fields to ensure success. So, why not ask for advice in major life decisions such as a marriage? Ensuring love, longevity and growth, so that over time you each evolve in not only in your lives together, but in your careers as well.

If you had to name 3 values which guide you as a person, which would they be?

Love, Authenticity, Courage.

You come from a small village, now live in a big city and work internationally. What lessons and values of growing up in a village do you incorporate in your business?

Simplicity. With humble beginnings I value the art of simplifying things, thoughts and cultivate my understanding of relationships by keeping it simple. I have learnt to listen well and continue to get better at it as I work with clients around the world. Most people crave to be heard and understood. Language or nationality is no barrier when you converse in the language of love. My life in the village was more of feeling privileged to go to a missionary co-ed boarding school Dr. Graham’s Homes far away in the Himalayas at the age of four. Away from my parents for eight years I learnt very early equality, self-reliance and fearlessness.

Circumstances conspired to suppress my feelings and I lived like a dead soul in a moving body for decades. When I released everyone on their own life journeys to start walking on my own, I revisited those childhood strengths I grew up with. Falling off a balancing beam at six to fracture my right shoulder in school taught me the biggest lessons of life and its ways. Looking out of the window from my hospital bed in solitude for weeks together is the most vivid memory I have from back then and I now use the same to remind myself when I interact with people from different cultures and countries that we all come alone here and leave alone too. All that we leave behind are remembrances of how we made people feel.

My education made me feel privileged and I can never thank my parents enough for having the vision back in the 70’s when illiteracy was at it’s peak where I was born. I was also beaten several times for various reasons more so for expressing myself. That dreadful moment when I was slapped before my father, who is yet to raise his voice on me, so hard to read and write, and I lost my eardrum the third time numbed not only my listening but my soul too.

Going back to my first love, books, I now read to my heart’s content and write and teach my students around the world The Secrets of Togetherness through my F.A.I.T.H System only because even though I had lost everything, the only thing intact was my faith that my father instilled in me from the very beginning when he dropped his little daughter off to school. Surprisingly he named me Shradha too which means “devotion with faith”.

Which charity have you once supported with your time and knowledge?

Hovering with suicidal thoughts while I spent 8,760 days and nights in the most nightmarish circumstances, I extend my services consistently to specific suicidal case studies that come my way.

I am grateful to impart love and hope and what the possibilities are when you bring them to your life and work culture. When these people go on to lead successful lives it makes my life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Who would you like to connect with to grow your business?

I would love to be introduced to people from the wedding industry, be featured in publications on relationships and weddings.

I welcome invitations to podcasts and interviews on relationship advice, to speak to audiences that seek true love and want to learn how to live a life of self respect.

When was the last time that you were touched by a client’s reaction to what you helped them with?

A girl reached out from Bristol, dating her boyfriend for 11 years and was facing commitment phobia. She signed up for 12 coaching sessions over three months stating that her boyfriend had suggested they break up. For the last year or so things weren’t going well between them. She was sobbing through her first couple of sessions with scattered thoughts and revelations that she had never shared with anyone before. By her sixth session she confessed that her boyfriend had begun to give her hints to come together again. Her thoughts moved to peace and calm and laughter in her sessions. This is just one instance, there are so many like these.

I wake up every morning to either a message or an email, a comment on social media from unknown people from faraway places in countries that I haven’t visited. This keeps me going and fuels my Hunger to remain honest to my core.

Any exciting news about your business?

Yes, my Togetherness challenge for Brides & Grooms where you will learn how to

* Remain calm and at ease so that the stress of wedding planning doesn’t overwhelm you.
* Become best friends with your partner vs feeling like roommates.
* Be confident in why you said “Yes”.
* Accept the present so that your past doesn’t affect you and your relationship.
* Express yourself in a peaceful way.
* Truly get to know your fiancé / fiancée at their core and for them to get to know you.
* Avoid toxic and petty arguments.
* Cultivate the knowledge and self-awareness needed to overcome any unforeseen challenges you face together.
* Comfortably and confidently express what you really want to your friends, parents and
soon-to-be in-laws.
* Fill your wedding with romance, intimacy, joy, and love so that the memories you weave together are etched in your hearts forever.

F.A.I.T.H In Adversity workshops is for audiences around the world who want to learn how to accept and adapt to “New ways of Working” on their relationships in both personal and their business lives where the Covid 19 impact will never see “Business as Usual” or “Relationships as Usual” ever again.
*Learn how to stay committed in a relationship without loosing self respect.
*Learn how to grow and thrive your business relationships without meeting in person.

How can people reach you?

People can reach out me to through my company’s LinkedIn page.

They can connect with me on Facebook or visit my website.

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This interview was conducted by Lucie Cunningham from Tell Them Well Communications in October 2020. Lucie is a freelance editor, copywriter and translator with many years of community project management. She has lived in France, England, The USA, the Netherlands and is currently based in Scotland.